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  • Who can use SCS services?
    Our service is here to support boarding and university families living overseas, interstate, regionally or in the city. We can accommodate any family or student who requires boarding support.
  • Do I have to take all of my personal belongings home every school holiday when I board in Australia?
    No. SCS can assist you by providing numerous storage options over the holiday periods, inclduing the collection and return of your belongings from your school boarding house.
  • What about the stress of excess luggage and the cost involved?
    You will save more on time and money and reduce your child’s stress at the airport at the check in counter, by storing any unnecessary items over the holidays.
  • How do you identify our children's items?
    When you place the order we will send your child the labels to place on their items when they have completed packing. We can scan that label into our system and we can track their items. You can collect your items or we can forward the items onto any location at an additional cost.
  • How can I avoid taking time off work to manage my children coming home for the school holidays?
    Store their personal belongings with our partner, Kennards Storage, we manage the process. So book the kids on the plane, train or bus. They love it!
  • Who can I leave my little kids at home with while I drive to Sydney to pack up my older child's belongings?
    No need to leave the little kids at all - the SCS support crew will collect, store and return your boarding students belongings over the holiday periods.
  • Can I get uniforms and bed linen dry cleaned without having to bring them all the way home?
    Of course just book your next Laundry and Dry Cleaning package before the end of the school term and we will collect and return it for the commencement of the next school term.
  • I have ordered new school uniforms for my child for the next school year, but don't want to have to bring them home to label and then have to return them at the start of the school year."
    Place your uniform labelling oredr with us and we will collect the uniforms from the school and take care of the rest! The uniform will be delivered before school commencing as arranged between SCS and the school.
  • My family is travelling to the city to visit our son in boarding and needs accomodation. Can SCS help me find quality accomodation at a reasonable rate?
    SCS has access to a number of hotels and apartments at corporate rates. We will beat any deal over and we will manage any changes or cancellations with your booking.
  • Can I book my child's international flight a year in advance? Can SCS help me with the bookings?
    Flights can be booked a year in advance and SCS is happy to help you manage the process.
  • It's my daughters birthday during the school term and I would like to arrange a cake and a Westfield shopping voucher as a present. Can SCS help?
    Place your order with us and we will manage the order and delivery and ensure she is spoilt!.
  • My teenage son does not want a cake for his birthday but would like some food to celebrate with his friends in the boarding house. Does SCS look after this service?
    Place an order of mini meat pies or pizzas with us and will have the food ordered, processed and delivered in the requested day and time for his birthday.
  • Are ALL services available in every state in Australia?
    Most services are available in every state except Uniform Labelling which is currently only available in NSW. We will be coming to other States in Australia very soon.
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