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Indigenous Support

SCS supports Indigenous Students

SCS is an Australian boarding support service that assists schools with indigenous students with an end-to-end boarding school journey from start to finish. From supporting the schools with everyday school-based services to ensure the students start at boarding school life is enjoyable and worry-free for the school and student, SCS offers parents complete peace of mind.

Secure holiday storage, dry cleaning and laundry, uniform labelling and student transport services are all provided by SCS to support boarding students living away from home. SCS also assists with exchange programs for indigenous students from sourcing a program to looking after travel and accommodation bookings.

Contact SCS to find out how we can assist your school.

How do schools benefit from using the service?


  • Ensure students belongings are ready for their arrival - example uniforms all labelled, washed and dry cleaned.

  • Storing students items on behalf of the families with SCS reduces risk and opens up the school for the use of facilities on holiday breaks

  • Giving staff back their time

  • Providing families with a stress-free and practical options and assists students with a smooth start to school and hassle free end of term pack up!

How do families benefit from the school offering the service?


  • Students are all organised and ready for school

  • Saving family time and stress 

  • Safety and security of student’s personal belongings

  • Supporting families who are working and have to travel long distances

  • Adding value to the families experience at the school 

  • Hassle free for the student travelling home

  • Dry cleaning service for bed linen/uniforms and storage enables students to have everything ready each term 

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